Survival training : Survival weekend in Cevennes

A survival training during an immersion in nature in the most beautiful and wild sites of Cevennes.
In groups (maximum 10 people) and in a friendly and recreational atmosphere, you will learn the basics of survival.

Topics covered

  • Required equipment
  • The fire
  • The shelter
  • The water: retrieve, filter, purify
  • The food
  • Healthcare
  • Moving around: crossing obstacles (forests, rivers, cliffs…), orientation tips
  • The importance of the mind


DAY 1:


  • Meeting in the north of Montpellier (possible low cost accommodation at your guide in Montpellier)
  • Getting to Cevennes (1 hour 10 mins)
  • Checking and adjusting the equipment
  • Progression to an isolated site in nature
  • Discussion / exchange: the principles of survival


  • Workshops:
    • The fire (without lighter or matches)
    • The shelter and its options: you build your shelter
    • The water: retrieve it, filter it, purify it
  • Progression in difficult environment
  • Orientation tips


  • Fire and grills
  • Overnight in bivouac

DAY 2:


  • Eating, taking care of yourself…
  • Progression in difficult environment


  • Survival scenario to play together as a group
stage de survie
we survie sud

In practice

  • During the training you will eat normally: we will taste only a few samples of wild food.
  • The supervision is provided by a guide specialized in nature activities (mountain guide, climbing and caving instructor, specialist in progression in difficult environments and for long distances).
  • Depending on the size of the group, the intervention of a specialist in special forces and a sports physician will be possible.

Strong points

  • Total immersion in nature
  • Obstacle clearance
  • Outstanding site
  • Scripted training

Next departures : 01-02 April 2017 ; 20-21 May 2017 ; 10-11 June 2017