Land & water

Half day of adventure both underground and in water… An original route without using ropes, combining a mini-caving (squeezes) with a very dynamic and recreational snorkelling (rapids, jumps …).


  • Recreational mini-caving (40 mins to 1 hour) with 1 or 2 narrow passages.
  • Very dynamic snorkelling with 4 rapids and several jumps (2-3-5 m).
  • Little “Tarzan” (rope swinging)
  • A final jump of 4 m into a cascade (optional 10-11 m).

At 45 minutes north of Montpellier, on an outstanding site.

Total immersion in nature.

Passage d'étroiture en spéléologie

Strong points

  • Exceptional natural environment
  • Intense and recreational
  • Original activities accessible to all (no ropes)
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